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From: Billy Wang

Dear Internet Entrepreneur,

It's been said again and again that one of the biggest frustration most Internet entrepreneur face is the lack of visitors to their website.

In fact, 70% of those we surveyed said generating traffic (Visitors) is their #1 challenge.

Survey Results

And we all know that without traffic or visitors, no matter how great or how powerful your products are, you are not going to get much sales.

It’s Not Your Fault

There is a good reason why most Internet entreprenuer struggle...

Take a good look at your computer and bookshelf.

How many 'courses' on generating traffic are lying there collecting dust?

Did ANY of them work?

Probably not.

I've been exactly where you are right now, and there's absolutely nothing to be embarrassed about.

Most of the stuff out there is grossly over priced, unadulterated horse manure.

I've personally spent thousands of dollars on expensive traffic courses, that purportedly reveals the 'real' secrets of traffic generation, only to find out that everything is so difficult to implement and takes way to much time.

So the question is... Why is generating quality traffic such a challenge for so many people?

The harsh reality is unless you are lucky enough to be on the "inside" of the Internet Marketing Guru's Circle where your partners can reach 1,000,000+ prospects via a single email broadcast, most traffic options open to you have at least one of these TWO fatal flaw...

There Are Either Too Expensive
Or Too Slow

I know this is not easy.

Either you have a lot of money to spend on marketing or you need to work your ass off trying to get people to visit your website.

And most business tools and tactics are simply too expensive.

You were victimized (So am I).

I've finally decided to blow the lid of the mystery of "getting traffic" and reveal the REAL traffic generation software that has been PROVEN to generate piles of traffic and profits for me...

And how you can use these same strategies to literally spark an electrifying surge in traffic, sales and subscribers...almost at will!

Introducing Viral Traffic Membership...


Undoubtedly, you might have heard of the saying "People fail, systems work!"

I knew, before I developed this system, that it had to 'work' regardless of 'who' was operating it, and that's exactly what my team and I developed.

After rigorous testing, we've created a truly turnkey and profit-proven system you can instantly 'plug' into and potentially be making money within the next few minutes. (This is totally void of fancy theory and uncertainty)

It's as smooth as silk and runs on pure autopilot!

All YOU need to ever do is activate it, and that's about it!

With this traffic software:

  • You do NOT have to trade time or manual effort for traffic
  • You do NOT have to install anything on your computer
  • You do NOT have to paste tedious HTML code on your webpages
  • You do NOT need to know anything about programming
  • You do NOT have to get slammed with ads to use it
  • You do NOT have to change what you already do to benefit
  • You CAN get started in just minutes and get REAL traffic the 1st day
  • You WILL increase your traffic and advertising, guaranteed
  • You WILL boost your conversion rate and generate more signups and sales
  • It WILL work for you regardless of what niche you're in
  • You WILL reach targeted prospects in YOUR specific niche
  • It IS 100% legal, 100% ethical, and 100% "above board"
  • You WILL be reaching REAL prospects who want to buy your offers
  • The traffic and advertising you gain will INCREASE the longer you use it

Do You Have 5 Minutes Now?

In under 5 minutes, you can start generating viral traffic to any products you are promoting.

And the most amazing thing about it is that your advertising actually grows BIGGER the more you use it!

Here are the 3 simple steps:

3 Steps

And you don’t need to be some marketing wizard or tech genius to use it.

Your Visitors Actually Grows VIRALLY The More You Use It...

You earn BONUS ADVERTISING on every referral you send to Viral Traffic Machine too! As you refer others to Viral Traffic Machine and they use it to generate advertising, YOU get bonus viral ads FOR LIFE!


For example, if you generate 500 ad views yourself, by referring just 10 other members who all do the same will net you a whopping 3,000 ad views with NO extra work!

And you get the viral advertising EVERY MONTH, forever!

viral ads

So your ads get viewed over 3,000 times per month with only 10 referrals! And there's no limit to the number of referrals you can make or viral advertising you can earn!

(In fact, you can even earn BONUS AD VIEWS on more levels beyond your own referrals--details inside!)

And I have added in a total unreasonable deal for you...

"Do Nothing But Profit"
Solo Mailing

Solo emails are the most effective way to promote offers and make money online, no question.

Marketers have used solo emails for years to rake in cash just by clicking "Send."

And they can earn up to $10,000 from a single email they send!

With your own viral traffic machine, you can send a solo email every week.

Promote products, make offers, recruit affiliates, start JV partnerships, or whatever else you like.

Imagine reaching 1,000s of targeted members EVERY WEEK!

This will really take your marketing and your profits to a whole new level.

Let me summarize how will your Viral Traffic Machine help you...
Reason 1

Generate viral traffic and advertising automatically

Reason 1

Earn viral traffic and advertising on all your referrals

Reason 1

SOLO Email your downline every week

Reason 1

Cloak links and protect affiliate commissions

Reason 1

1,000 Bonus Credits just for joining

For cutting edge technology like this, with all of the benefits you get, it would easily be worth $297 for access.

But we don't want ANYTHING standing in the way of you experiencing the amazing advertising power of this technology.

Special "One-Time-Only" Privilege

If you act now, you can get INSTANT ACCESS and start getting visitors to your website in as little as 5 minutes with the GOLD Membership for just $97 $0 (FREE)


If you sign up now, you can lock in your Gold Lifetime Membership absolutely FREE.

But this privilege is only valid for the next 500 members only and the price will go back up to $97 really soon.

Once you sign up there are even MORE benefits and advanced features, but you can explore that on the inside.

I can tell you that what you've seen so far is just the beginning (HINT: get ready for SMART REWARDS technology and GEOMETRIC VIRAL GROWTH to absolutely EXPLODE your traffic and sales...)

To Your Good Fortune,
Billy Wang

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